Where to buy a polypro hoop in Cape Town

Polypro hoopsAre you trying to buy a polypro hoop in Cape Town and having little or no luck? Dont worry, we know where you can buy a polypro hoop, right here, from us!

What is a polypro hoop?

Polypro hoops are made of extremely light weight, strong and durable Polypropylene plastic, as opposed to HDPE (High-density polyethylene) plastic hoops, which are the heavier and larger adult and weighted hoops that we sell.

Polypro hula hoops are sleek, minimal, and lightning fast. These hoops feel different to normal adult hula hoops, in fact they are so light and fast you can barely feel them on your skin. If you are hooping for excercise, and are wanting to work your core muscles, you can go for the polypro for the ‘cardio’ version of your exercise due to the speed, or a weighted hoop as the ‘muscle building’ version of your workout.

If you are into your hoop tricks and tech moves, some of the things that are easier with a polypro include a lot of off-body and moves done with your hands, like stalls and isolations. Your breaks, reversals, isopops and everything in between will gain a new level of excitement and speed. If you dance with mini hoops you will find the polypro version of your minis to be much easier on the finger and hands being lighter and faster than minis made with HDPE.

OK enough now, where do I get one?

If you would like to buy a polypro hoop from us, please visit our polypro hoop page with information on colours and prices




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