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Corporate fire dancers in Cape TownAre you looking for entertainers for your corporate function? Make your event an unforgettable night to remember! Let us mesmerize your guests and take them on a magical journey of colour, light, movement, and imagination that they will not easily forget.

We perform choreographed Fire Poi and LED Poi displays, as well as fire hooping, and LED hooping for corporate events of all sizes.

Depending on your budget and your requirements, we have a variety of fire dancers available using a variety of fire props and skills including fire poi, fire hula hoop, fire staff, double fire staff, and fire fans.

Fire Dancers for hire

The appeal of fire dancing has do do with our fascination with fire as an element and the danger associated with it. As a fire dancer, we manipulate fire to create a beautiful dance that will enchant and captivate audiences. Fire performances are mainly for outdoors where there is enough space and ventilation to perform safely.

  Corporate fire dancers in Cape Town Corporate fire dancers Cape Town

LED instead of fire

If having fire dancers is not an option due to your venue requirements, we also have the option of using LED poi and LED hula hoop. We have some of the best LED equipment on the market for our LED performances which are every bit as exciting and entertaining as fire dancing is.

With LED we are able to create a spectacular display of colour and geometric patterns, without the danger and constraints of performing with fire. The LED performances are enhanced by the variety of colours and patterns that are not available with fire. LED performances are more versatile and can be performed almost anywhere where there is enough space for movement.

LED hoop IMG_4253

If you need corporate entertainment cape town please contact with the date and venue the event will take place, and what your ideas or plans are for the entertainment.


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