Polypro hoops for sale in Cape Town

We are now offering polypro hoops for sale in Cape Town! If you are an advanced hooper, then you need a polypro hoop to take your hooping skills to the next level. Polypro hoops are NOT recommended for beginner hoopers because beginners need slower, bigger hoops, while polypro hoops are generally smaller and faster than regular and weighted hoops.

UV Polypro hoopsIf you are into your hoop tricks and tech hoop moves, some of the things that are easier with a polypro include a lot of off-body and moves done with your hands, such as stalls and isolations. Your breaks, reversals, isopops and everything in between will gain a new level of excitement and speed. If you dance with mini hoops you will find the polypro version of your minis to be much easier on the finger and hands being lighter and faster than minis made with HDPE.

Polypro hoop features:

  • Lightning fast speed
  • Light weight
  • Super responsive
  • Looks pretty without tape

Polypro hoop colours available

Polypro hoops Cape TownRight now the following colours of polypro hoops are available to be ordered from us:

  • UV Pink
  • UV Yellow
  • UV Green
  • Electric blue
  • Rose
  • Green glass
  • Clear

Buy a polypro hoop

There are a limited number of polypro hoops available in each colour at any one time, so get them while they are hot! The price per polypro hoop is R400


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